Who Is Robert P Bruce

Who is Robert P Bruce?

Robert grew up in Gloucester, England UK, as the youngest of 6 boys. He attended Sir Thomas Rich's Grammar School and joined the defence engineering company British Aerospace as an undergraduate apprentice. After a year in industry he went on to read Engineering Science at Oxford University (Magdalen College), graduating in 1988. He has worked as an Operations Manager in international companies including Unilever and H J Heinz, and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). He now runs a small leisure business and lives near Cardiff in the beautiful region of South Wales, UK.

His parents Douglas and Wendy were both born in 1929, and therefore grew up as teenagers during the Second World War. They were part of a generation that took bold steps in the years after 1945 to build a better World for their children, and they remained very happily married for over 60 years. Although they both passed away in 2014 their wonderful sense of the joy of life and belief in a shared human spirit still a have a huge influence on his outlook and values.

Although he has worked mainly in the United Kingdom, Robert has travelled extensively and believes that the future of mankind lies in learning to live and think as one World. This means leaving behind the competitive national allegiances which have shaped so much of our modern World history, and learning to live in diverse communities as equal citizens in a single Global Race. When it is eventually realised, this transformation will be the crowning achievement of human civilisation. A World in which finally there will no more be a "them and us", but only one us.