THE Global Race?

The Global Race

  • With each new World crisis, it is becoming increasingly obvious that our national governments are unable to control the Global events that now impact on all our daily lives.
  • This is leading to growing unrest, and a common set of fears about the future of our environment, religious and racial hatred, war and terrorism, infectious disease, and rising inequality across the World.
  • There are obvious solutions to these problems, but their implementation requires a new way of thinking, which takes us beyond a simple understanding of our own national identity.
  • The most urgent question we face today is how to bring about a World in which we no longer think in terms of “them and us” but recognise the reality, that there is only one “us”.

Strong national governments will of course continue to play a critical role in building our societies into the future. But if we are to survive as a species we must also come to see ourselves in a new light - as equal citizens in a single Global Race.

Where has Globalisation gone wrong ?

Those lucky enough to live in high income countries today enjoy a style of life which would have been unthinkable for most of our human ancestors. But if Global capitalism is left unregulated it will inevitably result in a "race to the bottom", and cause irreparable damage to our environment.

International companies and financial markets have now become more powerful than any national government. The benefits of our economic progress have increasingly gone to the top 1 percent of the World's super rich, creating greater inequality than at any time in our history. The resulting violence from civil wars to growth of terrorist groups around the World now threaten to tear our society apart.

If we choose to change this, we can bring about an alternative World. By working together we can create the conditions for sustainable economic growth, eliminate poverty, and build connected local communities which are capable of providing economic opportunities for all. Building on principles of non-violence and respect for universal human rights, we can for the first time in our history set out to build a single Global Race - one in which we can all be winners!